G6 Strengths Let us be your partner for success!
Through our G6 Strengths
you can rest assured that you will succeed.
It provides the essentials that are needed for a business to grow and become a success.
  • Affordable

    No need to find a warehouse to stock all of the products.
    All of our products are conveniently shipped from our warehouse location to members or retailers.
    We only ask that members are educated and knowledgeable about our services and products.

  • Quality Products

    Our manufacturer is CGMP, GMP and ISO 22716 certified.
    Safety and quality of the products are ensured through our in house development system and
    strict quality control and testing.

  • Maintainability

    We provide members with a myoffice system.
    Through myoffice, members are able to see all genealogy charts, downlines and commission
    calculations, and use the various resources provided to expand their business.

  • Compensation

    Our compensation plan is simple. We do not require a mandatory quota.
    Members are compensated according to the amount of work they are able to do.

  • Campus System

    GCOOP operates campuses to provide regional centers for business.
    Campus locations serve as meeting, training and event spaces.

  • Global Expansion

    We are expanding not only into the US, South Korea and Taiwan, but Philippines,
    Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries as well. We provide the opportunity for
    global partnerships and growth.